Hungry Yet Always Filled

by: Toni Fortunato
Posted: May 16th, 2017

Have you ever experienced the physical pain that comes along with being hungry? After not eating for a while you can hear your stomach turning and you start to feel… Read More

My Search for Significance

by: Antioch
Posted: May 9th, 2017

I was in the middle of sixth grade when my family moved from a south Dallas suburb, away from everything I’d known, to an affluent town northwest of Dallas. All… Read More

Open Handed: Part One

by: Antioch
Posted: May 7th, 2017

This week Jimmy kicked off our new series, Open Handed. Throughout the month, we will be diving into what it looks like to live simply, work diligently and give generously. Today… Read More

Being a Kingdom Ambassador

by: Vincent Carpenter
Posted: May 4th, 2017

Recently, someone shared with me how they used to get angry when hearing about negative social incidents involving their race. However, this person said he now feels more compassion and… Read More