As we have raised money for our building project, we have also been setting aside five percent to give back to those in our community and beyond. This past week, we had the opportunity to give back to the city of Marlin. On Thanksgiving Day, water service in Marlin came to an abrupt halt and left many without water for six days. Throughout the city, people could go to various locations to pick-up water bottles and resources. However, getting to the locations was difficult for some people, including the elderly and disabled.

After receiving a list of those who did not have access to the various locations, Community Outreach Pastor, Ed Espinosa and Assistant Director of Mercy House, Jose Vallejo bought cases of water, filled a trailer and delivered it to those who did not have access to water. We are so thankful for the opportunity to take some of what has been invested into the building and give back to others.

marlin water 1


Marlin Water 2


Marlin Water 4

After receiving $480,000 and meeting our $1.4 million goal yesterday, we are still on track to be in our new building by Easter! This building is just a way to facilitate what God is already doing and wanting to do in our lives, our city and the world. We are excited and expectant for what God will do through our new building and throughout the rest of the building process.