In Sunday’s sermon I shared a story from when I was in junior high about my friends and me throwing water balloons at cars driving by. Eventually a car stopped and some teenagers got out and started to chase us. It was midnight and we ran to a nearby house of a family we knew and banged on the door until they let us in. We were desperate and screaming for the dad, who we called Dr. B, to open the door, and he graciously let us in. Of course we told him a little white lie and said that the teenagers were chasing us for no reason. He immediately went outside and told them to leave or he was going to call the police.

I use that story as an illustration of desperation.

We knocked and kept knocking, we screamed and yelled until Dr. B opened the door because we knew he had everything we needed. He had a refuge for us, he had authority as an adult and he had a warm, safe home from the dangers on the outside. Even though we didn’t deserve it, he opened the door.

In Luke 11, Jesus is teaching His disciples how to pray and He tells them a similar story about a man who had a need and his friend opened the door to him, not because the friend wanted to but because of the man’s persistence. This is the invitation of the Lord. We are welcome to come and petition and request from Him the needs of our heart and the needs of our life.  So, I have set up an acrostic to challenge all of us to boldly and persistently pray and ask God for our needs over the next 21 days. Here is the acrostic from Luke 11:9-10:

A-Ask and keep asking.

We come with our desires and our needs. While we are asking for our desires and our needs, we are also asking, “Jesus, please show me Your will. Show me Your heart and show me Your desire so I can pray according to Your will.” We’re asking Him to show us the right questions, insight or counsel that we might need in order to pray adequately. To not ask is to leave out the opportunity for God to move.

S-Seek and keep seeking.

Whenever God says we are to seek Him throughout Scripture, it is usually related to seeking His face and not just His hand. In our prayers we are to be seeking the person of God and the character of God.  Psalm 16 is a great Scripture on God’s character to meditate on. If we know who He is and we are seeking His face our relationship with Him grows and our faith and trust in Him develops, even if our prayers are not answered immediately.

K- Knock and keep knocking.

This means you are getting in line every day. For me it would be something like, “Lord, it is Jimmy again. I’m coming again with this need. I’m not going to stop coming, Lord, until I hear Your voice and know Your heart on the situation.” This knocking is also a place to take our anxiety. “Lord, I am anxious about this or I’m worrying about that, I don’t know how it’s going to turn out.”  Instead of worrying, pray. You are to knock and keep knocking, believing He will lead you.

I want to encourage you to use the simple ASK acrostic as a pattern of prayer over the next 21 days and to watch God move.

At the end of the 21 days, we will have a three-day prayer and fast to cap off our prayer series. It will be an incredible journey together to be who God has called us to be: people of power and prayer.

In His strength and love,