This past Sunday we celebrated Easter: a time of remembering all Jesus did for us and celebrating the freedom we find in Him. In all of our kids’ services we shared the story of the Gospel. We talked about how God created us to be in relationship with Him but our sins separated us from that perfect relationship, so we needed a savior, and that savior is Jesus. At the end of our services we gave kids an invitation to receive Christ, and more than two dozen kids did. Praise God!

The question many of us ask is, “Now what?”

As a parent or a friend of one of these kids, or even as an adult coming out of Easter, you can become excited and thankful for all Jesus has done, yet so unsure of what to do at the same time.

Every time we wonder what to do next we simply get to go to the Bible and see what Jesus said.

We get to look to the Word of God to find out how to live! After Jesus resurrected, defeating our sins once and for always, He spent some time on earth and then ascended to heaven, but He didn’t leave us without instructions. At the end of His time on earth Jesus told the disciples to pray and wait for the coming of the Helper He would send for us. In Acts 1 and 2 the early believers gave us an example for how to live once we’ve come to know Jesus. They were gathered together praying and the Holy Spirit came. The Bible says they were filled with boldness and went out to proclaim the Gospel.

The first thing we get to do once we have accepted Jesus is talk with Him, pray to Him and share His love with others.

In His time on earth, Jesus also modeled how to have a relationship with God. Time after time Jesus removed Himself from the crowds and simply got time alone with God. Because of this model Jesus set for us, I want to give every child and adult, especially those who gave their lives to Jesus last Sunday, a challenge. I’m calling it the 5-5-5 Challenge!

In Response: The 5 – 5 – 5 Challenge
  • 5 minutes of Worship
  • 5 minutes in the Word
  • 5 minutes of Prayer

The 5-5-5 Challenge is a challenge to spend five minutes of your day worshipping God. This can be through a worship song, through telling God what you’re thankful for or by drawing a picture of how awesome you think God is. Spend five minutes of your day reading the Bible or read a Bible story to your kids. And spend five minutes praying. You can pray for your family, for your friends, for people who don’t know Jesus or anything else on your heart. Jesus loves when you talk to Him.

My prayer is that as you take on the 5-5-5 Challenge, you’ll fall more in love with the God you gave your life to, whether you gave it to Him last week or last decade!

By Andrew Wible – Elementary Pastor