Throughout the month we are diving into a series called Open Handed. As a church, we want to learn more about what it looks like to live simply, work diligently and give generously.

Check out some resources available in our bookstore and online to help you go deeper into this topic:

Realign: Finding God’s Purpose for your Money by Josh Lawson

Did you know God has a plan and a purpose for your money and resources? Throughout this book, Lawson unpacks how we can discover God’s purpose for our finances, and how we can live the adventure God has for us while living within our means. This book is available online and in our bookstore.

Money, Possessions and Eternity by Randy Alcorn

In this book, Alcorn dives into the idea that our resources serve as God’s provision for our good, the good of others and His glory. He also unpacks multiple Scriptures to provide a better understanding of what the Bible says about money and gives us practical tips on how to steward our finances well. This book is available in our bookstore and online.

Living on the Edge by Chip Ingram

Throughout his book, Ingram takes us back to the core values God intended us to live by. From prayer to finances and beyond, Ingram encourages us to look to the Scriptures as our model for living. Each chapter ends in questions and resources to help you dive deeper into each topic. This book is available online.

The Treasure Principle by Randy Alcorn

In this book, Alcorn talks about the reality of joyful giving. When Jesus told His followers to store up treasures in Heaven rather than on earth, He intended for us to find joy in the process. Alcorn’s book is centered around the idea that giving brings God glory, while bringing us great delight. This book is available online.



Fields of Gold by Andy Stanley

In this book, Stanley goes into the idea of reaping whatever we sow into. We have the opportunity to partner with God by using our resources to sow into the things that will bring the Kingdom to earth. Stanley unpacks how we can overcome fear and give with great joy, security and confidence. This book is available online.

Resources for Becoming Debt Free:

Check out these two downloadable handouts with resources and practicals for getting out of debt.