Climbing a mountain without ropes. Trekking through the desert without water. Diving into the depths of the ocean without oxygen tanks. Doing any of these things would be foolhardy! Yet, thousands of people who claim to be Kingdom-minded, Jesus followers do these very things every day in their spiritual lives. Many people think attending a Sunday service and/or a small group during the week gives them all they need of the Word of God. They are trying to climb mountains, cross deserts and survive the depths with nothing more than three feet of rope, a bottled water and goggles.
Let’s be clear. In the battles of life, the Bible tells us to put on a suit of armor (Ephesians 6) and the only offensive weapon mentioned in that passage is “the sword of the Spirit which is the Word of God.”

So, why in the world would we step onto the battlefied without a weapon?

Here are a few reasons we come up with—not believing the battle is real, thinking we are too busy to read and study the Word, struggling to understand what we are reading. The list could go on. We can always come up with excuses for anything we don’t want to do or don’t feel we need to do. This blog post will not change your mind. What will change it though is the Holy Spirit’s presence and power “leading [us] into all truth.”

So, If you choose to begin or continue the journey into making the word of God integral to your lige, here are some thoughts for you.

First, read Psalm 119, all 176 verses, and make a list of all the things the Word does that David mentions. An example would be verse 24, “Your testimonies are my counselors.” Take several days to make the list and meditate on it. Now, with a deeper understanding of the power of the Word of God, pray and ask the Holy Spirit to lead you to the resources that would help you begin to mine these truths and apply them in practical ways. Talk with Jesus followers you trust and get their advice. Go to a Christian bookstore or the bookstore here at Antioch and browse and pray. Do some resource research on the web and pray as you do.

Finally, start memorizing specific Scriptures. We fill our minds with all kinds of information like, sports stats, song lyrics or current events. Why not be intentional about transforming our thoughts and actions with something eternal?


In asking friends how they go about memorizing verses and passages, several ethods surfaced.

  • Use a flip chart to write the verses down and read them over
    and over.
  • Put verses in places where you live life—the car, a kitchen
    cabinet, mirrors or the computer
  • Write the verses out multiple times
  • Record the verses and listen to them
  • Get a partner and help each other
  • Say verses out loud until they flow out of you naturally
  • Begin using verses in your prayers for yourself and others
  • Keep asking the Holy Spirit what you need to know and start
    your process over again and over again
  • The key is to have the Truth of God flowing into you and then out of you.

You will be changed and the power of God’s Word you deliver to others will change them, too! Be a survivalist. Be a prepper, for things eternal.