Our ENGAGE THE NATIONS interns are heading back home, and we are so thankful for the way God has moved in various nations throughout the summer. Check out a few testimonies from some of our teams:


Throughout the summer, one of our interns befriended a Syrian girl who would read the Bible with her consistently. When they were talking one day, our intern discovered that she had been struggling with back pain for about five years. Our intern shared with her about how Jesus heals, and the girl agreed to pray with her. They prayed in the name of Jesus and after praying a few times, the girl was completely healed. It was the first time the girl had ever prayed to Jesus!


While passing out sandwiches in a park where many refugees live, some interns met a man from Macedonia. His leg was swollen and badly bruised and it looked like he had varicose veins. He said it had been injured for quite some time. A team member prayed for his leg and the man said he felt blood flowing through it and that it felt like it had been massaged. Two team members prayed again and the swelling on his leg significantly decreased, the bruising almost dissipated and the man said it felt good and normal again. He was up and walking around on it. He thanked the interns and they told him it was Jesus that healed his leg. He said he knew about Jesus from Christian missionaries from America he had met in Macedonia. Praise God for healing him and for obviously pursuing his heart!


Where our team lived in Cape Town, a lady named Franscina came every Wednesday and Friday to clean their rental house. They got to know her pretty well, and decided to invite her family over for lunch one Sunday as a way to show her they love her. She was so shocked and amazed she almost cried. She was absolutely blown away that white people would ask a black family to come over to their house outside of work. She said she had never heard of that happening and even said that she told her friends and pastor at her church and they had never heard of black people and white people visiting each other’s houses. She shared with us ways racism has affected her life and many others in Cape Town, and she asked, “why do you want to have my family over? We just don’t do that here.” We told her Jesus would totally invite you over for dinner and we want to do the same. We just want to love you like He does. She was overwhelmed and so thankful. She and her family came to lunch, and we are expectant for the culture in Cape Town to change, one family at a time.


One day team members went into a local hospital and were given full permission to go anywhere and pray for anyone they wanted. One of the women they encountered had a misaligned spine and could not walk. They prayed for her and felt the Holy Spirit powerfully in the room. After they prayed, one member tried to ask her if she was able to stand before, but she misunderstood and immediately stood up and started walking! She was crying and saying, “Praise God, I love you God!”


Two team members shared with a young shopkeeper, who really wanted to meet up and talk more about a booklet consisting of a few Bible verses that previous interns had left with him. The shopkeeper eagerly came out to meet the team members on a fifteen minute break. “Guys, I must talk with you about this book…it has changed everything. I was full of so much negativity and then I read those words and I am filled with peace.”

He asked if he could please copy it, and share with all of his friends. One intern took out his Bible to show him that the booklet contained only a few small quotes from it, but as the words were still in his mouth, this young shopkeeper threw off his sandals and said, “This book is too holy! I must take off my shoes!”

Team members continued to meet with him, read in Luke 8 about how the wind and the waves almost sank the boat Jesus was on until He simply commanded the storm to stop, as well as the passage about the demonized man. As he was reading this passage he stopped and said, “Brother! Do you know what this means? It means that Jesus has power and authority over nature! The world! The whole universe!” Later he was asked, “Why do you think Jesus even took the time to heal the man who was full of evil spirits?” He replied, “I know why! Because God sent Jesus to the earth to take away all the burdens of man.” In the span of a few days, he memorized the entire booklet of verses that was originally given to him.

Before the team members left him, they wanted to help him dream about how much God wanted to move through his life, so they asked him, “What do you think would happen if your family got a hold of this truth you now have about Jesus?” He replied, “They would be full of peace too!” They then asked, “What do you think would happen if your country got a hold of this truth?” He said boldly stated, “Brother, my country is believing a lie, they don’t know how powerful Jesus is!”


The team in Peru made great connections with a local university and a few local churches in the area. They were given access to the largest university in Cusco where they taught English classes and hosted sports and dance clubs. One day our team was able to perform the drama for 520 people and saw 102 salvations and 37 healings in one day!

At the beginning of the summer two of our interns were at Starbucks and asked the barista if they could pray for her. She was working, but wanted to meet up later. About a week later, she messaged one of our interns and said, “I’ve had a lot of hard things happen and am waiting for your prayers. When can we meet up?” They set up a time to meet and heard her story. Her father had passed away from cancer about four years ago. He was an elder in their church, so she grew up knowing God to some extent. However, after her dad died, she felt like there was a wall between her and God. A couple days before our team offered to pray for her, she had asked God to send someone to pray for her, if He really listened to her. It was a sweet thing for her to see her prayers answered so clearly. It was also sweet for one of our interns who met with her because her dad passed away when she was young as well. They connected and our intern was able to speak life into her story and pray a blessing over her. The girl went with our team on their outreach that night. As she went out, she would go up to people, encourage them and tell them that God hears them. It was a beautiful picture of someone realizing a truth about God and then immediately sharing that with others.

God is has moved powerfully in Peru, and our team is incredibly encouraged and thankful for the opens doors throughout the nation.


Two weeks ago, a team member saw a man whose car was broken down and decided to go help him. When the team member reached out to help, the man knew there was something special and different about him, because no one he had offered to help all day. The man shared that he was having pain in his arm and, after receiving prayer, he was completely healed! He explained that he was a Muslim who knew about Jesus, but had never experienced power like that before. A couple weeks later, the man’s wife sold her wedding ring so her husband could have the money to drive eight hours to meet our intern again. When they met, the man heard the story of Jesus from the Bible and decided to follow Him for the rest of his life!